What Product Should You Use To Clean Your Makeup Brush?

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  • July 30, 2017
  • I have many friends who purchase a makeup brush set every year. They are obviously spending a significant amount of money, given the prices of premium brushes. They say that the money spent is worth it since it helps keep their skin healthy. If they don’t replace their brushes annually, they notice that they have breakouts more frequently. I asked them if they clean their brushes and their answers are all the same. No.


    It may sound funny but the they did not know that you could actually wash a makeup brush. Several said that they tried washing their brushes before but it ended up with the bristles falling off and the brushes becoming utterly unusable. I asked them what exactly did they do and found out that many are befuddled on what products to use for cleaning the brushes. Some used alcohol while others used laundry detergents and dishwasher solution.


    So I told them that based on my experience, baby shampoo mixed with water is the best for washing makeup brushes. It is gentle enough and keeps the bristles soft while also having a sufficient disinfectant property. It is also recommended by beauty experts.


    Cleaning the brush using shampoo is easy. Just run the brush under tap water and then gently swirl it in a mixture of shampoo and water. Run it under water and see if the water running through the bristles has cleared. Repeat the first and second steps as needed until water is clear. Once the water clears up, place the brush on a piece of cloth or tissue and allow it to dry.

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