Selecting the Right Commercial Flagpole

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  • October 31, 2019
  • Conventional industrial flagpoles range from thirty to sixty feet and are generally made of a single piece of aluminum or steel tubing.

    You may desire 2, three or more flagpoles, depending on how significant you want to be. Be sure that there suffices area in between flagpoles to allow the flags to swing, and also leave room for growth in case you want to install bigger flags later.

    There are 2 types of halyard systems, or rope and also pulley-block systems, for elevating and lowering the flag. Exterior halyard systems are located outside of the pole. In this type of rigging, the flag is connected to a rope, which is looped with a vehicle, or wheel, at the top of the flagpole. The rope is wound around a cleat at the bottom to secure the flag in position as well as prevent it from moving up and down the flagpole. The issue with the external halyard system is protection: it is as well simple for someone to cut the rope.

    For higher safety and also durability, pick an internal halyard system, in which the rope or cable lies within the pole. It comes with a special winch with a hinged door area near the base of the shaft. And select a revolving truck, so that the flag will not become twisted around the pole when the wind changes directions.

    When it concerns selecting a business flagpole product, you can’t go wrong with steel. Steel flagpoles are the toughest posts offered and call for absolutely no maintenance.

    For a much more traditional look, pick a bronze alloy. Bronze alloys are primarily used for nationwide and also historical building projects. A flagpole made from this product will darken with age.

    Commercial flagpoles come with a flash collar, which fits over the ground sleeve and base of the post to shield it from the aspects and gives the base a finished look.